To be a first-class employee, to build a first-class product, to create a first-class enterprise


Interaction and communication, in order to promote staff under the leadership of the leadership of the company, our company on June 3 to doctor mountain forest park held a staff extracurricular activities, activity theme: to be first-class staff, to build first-class products, create first-class enterprise.When we arrived at our destination, we immediately entered the activity state.

1.A happy explosion

Methods: game contestants back-to-back (or chest to chest) in the finish line to ground balloon, after I crossed the finish line to pop the ball after the next set to continue, all the players through the first victory.

2.Don't let go

Method: (classic game "rob bench") the bench into circular (calculated on the number minus one, that is, eight people put 7), participants in a circle on the outside of the stool, host drums or put music participants will run along the circle clockwise or counterclockwise (note that can't jump the queue, when the drums or stop music participants must find a bench under a news fast, no stool personnel to be eliminated, to reduce the bench a at this moment, the rest continue to play, is the winner until the last man left.

3. Divine operator

Game methods: randomly selected each different amount of A4 paper posted on your chest, when the host name amount, players quickly gather together into a set amount of Numbers, there is no means of successful people is eliminated.

At the end of the game, each of the three highest-scoring teams has a souvenir.

4.Activities: barbecue, karaoke, playing badminton, billiards

Summary: through this extra-curricular activities, the communication and communication between colleagues are further deepened.It helps to bring into play the work activity and collaboration between employees.

Thanks for the asphalt, go all the way!

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